Test Servers#

If you wish to test your application in a separate environment, Pyrogram is able to authorize your account into Telegram’s test servers without hassle. All you need to do is start a new session (e.g.: “my_account_test”) using test_mode=True:

from pyrogram import Client

async with Client("my_account_test", test_mode=True) as app:
    print(await app.get_me())


If this is the first time you login into test servers, you will be asked to register your account first. Accounts registered on test servers reside in a different, parallel instance of a Telegram server.

Test Mode in Official Apps#

You can also login yourself into test servers using official desktop apps, such as Telegram Web and Telegram Desktop:

  • Telegram Web: Login here: https://web.telegram.org/?test=1

  • Telegram Desktop: Hold Alt+Shift and right click on “Add account”, then choose “Test server”.

Test Numbers#

Beside normal numbers, the test environment allows you to login with reserved test numbers. Valid phone numbers follow the pattern 99966XYYYY, where X is the DC number (1 to 3) and YYYY are random numbers. Users with such numbers always get XXXXX or XXXXXX as the confirmation code (the DC number, repeated five or six times).