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from pyrogram import Client, filters

app = Client("my_account")

async def hello(client, message):
    await message.reply("Hello from Pyrogram!")


Pyrogram is a modern, elegant and asynchronous MTProto API framework. It enables you to easily interact with the main Telegram API through a user account (custom client) or a bot identity (bot API alternative) using Python.


If you’d like to support Pyrogram, you can consider:

Key Features

  • Ready: Install Pyrogram with pip and start building your applications right away.

  • Easy: Makes the Telegram API simple and intuitive, while still allowing advanced usages.

  • Elegant: Low-level details are abstracted and re-presented in a more convenient way.

  • Fast: Boosted up by TgCrypto, a high-performance crypto library written in pure C.

  • Type-hinted: Types and methods are all type-hinted, enabling excellent editor support.

  • Async: Fully asynchronous (also usable synchronously if wanted, for convenience).

  • Powerful: Full access to Telegram’s API to execute any official client action and more.

How the Documentation is Organized

Contents are organized into sections composed of self-contained topics which can be all accessed from the sidebar, or by following them in order using the Next button at the end of each page. Here below you can, instead, find a list of the most relevant pages for a quick access.

First Steps

API Reference