Synchronous Usage#

Pyrogram is an asynchronous framework and as such is subject to the asynchronous rules. It can, however, run in synchronous mode (also known as non-asynchronous or sync/non-async for short). This mode exists mainly as a convenience way for invoking methods without the need of async/await keywords and the extra boilerplate, but it’s not the intended way to use the framework.

You can use Pyrogram in this synchronous mode when you want to write something short and contained without the async boilerplate or in case you want to combine Pyrogram with other libraries that are not async.


You have to be very careful when using the framework in its synchronous, non-native form, especially when combined with other non-async libraries because thread blocking operations that clog the asynchronous event loop underneath will make the program run erratically.

Synchronous Invocations#

The following is a standard example of running asynchronous functions with Python’s asyncio. Pyrogram is being used inside the main function with its asynchronous interface.

import asyncio
from pyrogram import Client

async def main():
    app = Client("my_account")

    async with app:
        await app.send_message("me", "Hi!")

To run Pyrogram synchronously, use the non-async context manager as shown in the following example. As you can see, the non-async example becomes less cluttered.

from pyrogram import Client

app = Client("my_account")

with app:
    app.send_message("me", "Hi!")

Synchronous handlers#

You can also have synchronous handlers; you only need to define the callback function without using async def and invoke API methods by not placing await in front of them. Mixing def and async def handlers together is also possible.

async def handler1(client, message):
    await message.forward("me")

def handler2(client, message):

uvloop usage#

When using Pyrogram in its synchronous mode combined with uvloop, you need to call uvloop.install() before importing Pyrogram.

import uvloop

from pyrogram import Client