Client Settings

You can control the way your client appears in the Active Sessions menu of an official client by changing some client settings. By default you will see something like the following:

  • Device Model: CPython x.y.z

  • Application: Pyrogram x.y.z

  • System Version: Linux x.y.z

Set Custom Values

To set custom values, you can either make use of the config.ini file, this way:

app_version = 1.2.3
device_model = PC
system_version = Linux

Or, pass the arguments directly in the Client’s constructor.

app = Client(

Set Custom Languages

To tell Telegram in which language should speak to you (terms of service, bots, service messages, …) you can set lang_code in ISO 639-1 standard (defaults to “en”, English).

With the following code we make Telegram know we want it to speak in Italian (it):

lang_code = it
app = Client(