class pyrogram.raw.types.WebAuthorization

Represents a bot logged in using the Telegram login widget.

Constructor type of WebAuthorization.

  • Layer: 126

  • ID: 0xcac943f2

  • hash (int 64-bit) – Authorization hash.

  • bot_id (int 32-bit) – Bot ID.

  • domain (str) – The domain name of the website on which the user has logged in.

  • browser (str) – Browser user-agent.

  • platform (str) – Platform.

  • date_created (int 32-bit) – When was the web session created.

  • date_active (int 32-bit) – When was the web session last active.

  • ip (str) – IP address.

  • region (str) – Region, determined from IP address.