class pyrogram.raw.types.UserFull

Extended user info.

Constructor of UserFull.

  • Layer: 136

  • ID: 0xcf366521

  • id (int 64-bit) – N/A

  • settings (PeerSettings) – Peer settings.

  • notify_settings (PeerNotifySettings) – Notification settings.

  • common_chats_count (int 32-bit) – Chats in common with this user.

  • blocked (bool, optional) – Whether you have blocked this user.

  • phone_calls_available (bool, optional) – Whether this user can make VoIP calls.

  • phone_calls_private (bool, optional) – Whether this user’s privacy settings allow you to call him.

  • can_pin_message (bool, optional) – Whether you can pin messages in the chat with this user, you can do this only for a chat with yourself.

  • has_scheduled (bool, optional) – Whether scheduled messages are available.

  • video_calls_available (bool, optional) – Whether the user can receive video calls.

  • about (str, optional) – Bio of the user.

  • profile_photo (Photo, optional) – Profile photo.

  • bot_info (BotInfo, optional) – For bots, info about the bot (bot commands, etc).

  • pinned_msg_id (int 32-bit, optional) – Message ID of the last pinned message.

  • folder_id (int 32-bit, optional) – Peer folder ID.

  • ttl_period (int 32-bit, optional) – Time To Live of all messages in this chat; once a message is this many seconds old, it must be deleted.

  • theme_emoticon (str, optional) – Emoji associated with chat theme.

  • private_forward_name (str, optional) – N/A