class pyrogram.raw.types.User#

Indicates info about a certain user.

Constructor of User.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: 8F97C628

  • id (int 64-bit) – ID of the user.

  • is_self (bool, optional) – N/A

  • contact (bool, optional) – Whether this user is a contact.

  • mutual_contact (bool, optional) – Whether this user is a mutual contact.

  • deleted (bool, optional) – Whether the account of this user was deleted.

  • bot (bool, optional) – Is this user a bot?.

  • bot_chat_history (bool, optional) – Can the bot see all messages in groups?.

  • bot_nochats (bool, optional) – Can the bot be added to groups?.

  • verified (bool, optional) – Whether this user is verified.

  • restricted (bool, optional) – Access to this user must be restricted for the reason specified in restriction_reason.

  • min (bool, optional) – See min.

  • bot_inline_geo (bool, optional) – Whether the bot can request our geolocation in inline mode.

  • support (bool, optional) – Whether this is an official support user.

  • scam (bool, optional) – This may be a scam user.

  • apply_min_photo (bool, optional) – If set, the profile picture for this user should be refetched.

  • fake (bool, optional) – If set, this user was reported by many users as a fake or scam user: be careful when interacting with them.

  • bot_attach_menu (bool, optional) – Whether this bot offers an attachment menu web app.

  • premium (bool, optional) – Whether this user is a Telegram Premium user.

  • attach_menu_enabled (bool, optional) – Whether we installed the attachment menu web app offered by this bot.

  • bot_can_edit (bool, optional) – Whether we can edit the profile picture, name, about text and description of this bot because we own it.

  • access_hash (int 64-bit, optional) – Access hash of the user.

  • first_name (str, optional) – First name.

  • last_name (str, optional) – Last name.

  • username (str, optional) – Username.

  • phone (str, optional) – Phone number.

  • photo (UserProfilePhoto, optional) – Profile picture of user.

  • status (UserStatus, optional) – Online status of user.

  • bot_info_version (int 32-bit, optional) – Version of the bot_info field in userFull, incremented every time it changes.

  • restriction_reason (List of RestrictionReason, optional) – Contains the reason why access to this user must be restricted.

  • bot_inline_placeholder (str, optional) – Inline placeholder for this inline bot.

  • lang_code (str, optional) – Language code of the user.

  • emoji_status (EmojiStatus, optional) – Emoji status.

  • usernames (List of Username, optional) – Additional usernames.


This object can be returned by 5 functions.


Updates user profile.


Changes username for the current user.


Change the phone number of the current account.


Returns basic user info according to their identifiers.


Obtain user info from a temporary profile link.