class pyrogram.raw.types.UrlAuthResultRequest#

Details about the authorization request.

Constructor of UrlAuthResult.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: 92D33A0E

  • bot (User) – Username of a bot, which will be used for user authorization. If not specified, the current bot’s username will be assumed. The url’s domain must be the same as the domain linked with the bot. See Linking your domain to the bot for more details.

  • domain (str) – The domain name of the website on which the user will log in.

  • request_write_access (bool, optional) – Whether the bot would like to send messages to the user.


This object can be returned by 2 functions.


Get more info about a Seamless Telegram Login authorization request.


Use this to accept a Seamless Telegram Login authorization request.