class pyrogram.raw.types.UpdateServiceNotification#

A service message for the user.

Constructor of Update.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: EBE46819

  • type (str) – String, identical in format and contents to the type field in API errors. Describes type of service message. It is acceptable to ignore repeated messages of the same type within a short period of time (15 minutes).

  • message (str) – Message text.

  • media (MessageMedia) – Media content (optional).

  • entities (List of MessageEntity) – Message entities for styled text.

  • popup (bool, optional) – If set, the message must be displayed in a popup.

  • inbox_date (int 32-bit, optional) – When was the notification receivedThe message must also be stored locally as part of the message history with the user id 777000 (Telegram Notifications).