class pyrogram.raw.types.UpdateChatParticipant#

A user has joined or left a specific chat.

Constructor of Update.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: D087663A

  • chat_id (int 64-bit) – Chat ID.

  • date (int 32-bit) – When did this event occur.

  • actor_id (int 64-bit) – User that triggered the change (inviter, admin that kicked the user, or the even the user_id itself).

  • user_id (int 64-bit) – User that was affected by the change.

  • qts (int 32-bit) – New qts value.

  • prev_participant (ChatParticipant, optional) – Previous participant info (empty if this participant just joined).

  • new_participant (ChatParticipant, optional) – New participant info (empty if this participant just left).

  • invite (ExportedChatInvite, optional) – The invite that was used to join the group.