class pyrogram.raw.types.ThemeSettings#

Theme settings.

Constructor of ThemeSettings.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: FA58B6D4

  • base_theme (BaseTheme) – Base theme.

  • accent_color (int 32-bit) – Accent color, ARGB format.

  • message_colors_animated (bool, optional) – If set, the freeform gradient fill needs to be animated on every sent message.

  • outbox_accent_color (int 32-bit, optional) – Accent color of outgoing messages in ARGB format.

  • message_colors (List of int 32-bit, optional) – The fill to be used as a background for outgoing messages, in RGB24 format. If just one or two equal colors are provided, describes a solid fill of a background. If two different colors are provided, describes the top and bottom colors of a 0-degree gradient.If three or four colors are provided, describes a freeform gradient fill of a background.

  • wallpaper (WallPaper, optional) – Wallpaper.