class pyrogram.raw.types.StickerSet

Represents a stickerset (stickerpack).

Constructor type of StickerSet.

  • Layer: 126

  • ID: 0x40e237a8

  • id (int 64-bit) – ID of the stickerset.

  • access_hash (int 64-bit) – Access hash of stickerset.

  • title (str) – Title of stickerset.

  • short_name (str) – Short name of stickerset to use in tg://addstickers?set=short_name.

  • count (int 32-bit) – Number of stickers in pack.

  • hash (int 32-bit) – Hash.

  • archived (bool, optional) – Whether this stickerset was archived (due to too many saved stickers in the current account).

  • official (bool, optional) – Is this stickerset official.

  • masks (bool, optional) – Is this a mask stickerset.

  • animated (bool, optional) – Is this an animated stickerpack.

  • installed_date (int 32-bit, optional) – When was this stickerset installed.

  • thumbs (List of PhotoSize, optional) – Telegram API parameter.

  • thumb_dc_id (int 32-bit, optional) – DC ID of thumbnail.