class pyrogram.raw.types.PeerSettings

Peer settings.

Constructor type of PeerSettings.

  • Layer: 126

  • ID: 0x733f2961

  • report_spam (bool, optional) – Whether we can still report the user for spam.

  • add_contact (bool, optional) – Whether we can add the user as contact.

  • block_contact (bool, optional) – Whether we can block the user.

  • share_contact (bool, optional) – Whether we can share the user’s contact.

  • need_contacts_exception (bool, optional) – Whether a special exception for contacts is needed.

  • report_geo (bool, optional) – Whether we can report a geogroup is irrelevant for this location.

  • autoarchived (bool, optional) – Whether this peer was automatically archived according to privacy settings.

  • invite_members (bool, optional) – Telegram API parameter.

  • geo_distance (int 32-bit, optional) – Distance in meters between us and this peer.


This object can be returned by 1 method:


Get peer settings.