class pyrogram.raw.types.messages.SearchResultsCalendar#

Information about found messages sent on a specific day.

Constructor of SearchResultsCalendar.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: 147EE23C

  • count (int 32-bit) – Total number of results matching query.

  • min_date (int 32-bit) – Starting timestamp of attached messages.

  • min_msg_id (int 32-bit) – Ending timestamp of attached messages.

  • periods (List of SearchResultsCalendarPeriod) – Used to split the messages by days: multiple SearchResultsCalendarPeriod constructors are returned, each containing information about the first, last and total number of messages matching the filter that were sent on a specific day. This information can be easily used to split the returned messages by day.

  • messages (List of Message) – Messages.

  • chats (List of Chat) – Mentioned chats.

  • users (List of User) – Mentioned users.

  • inexact (bool, optional) – If set, indicates that the results may be inexact.

  • offset_id_offset (int 32-bit, optional) – Indicates the absolute position of messages[0] within the total result set with count count. This is useful, for example, if we need to display a progress/total counter (like photo 134 of 200, for all media in a chat, we could simply use photo ${offset_id_offset} of ${count}.


This object can be returned by 1 function.


Returns information about the next messages of the specified type in the chat split by days.