class pyrogram.raw.types.messages.ForumTopics#

Contains information about multiple forum topics.

Constructor of ForumTopics.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: 367617D3

  • count (int 32-bit) – Total number of topics matching query; may be more than the topics contained in topics, in which case pagination is required.

  • topics (List of ForumTopic) – Forum topics.

  • messages (List of Message) – Related messages (contains the messages mentioned by forumTopic.top_message).

  • chats (List of Chat) – Related chats.

  • users (List of User) – Related users.

  • pts (int 32-bit) – Event count after generation.

  • order_by_create_date (bool, optional) – Whether the returned topics are ordered by creation date; if set, pagination by offset_date should use; otherwise topics are ordered by the last message date, so paginate by the date of the message referenced by forumTopic.top_message.


This object can be returned by 2 functions.


Get topics of a forum.


Get forum topics by their ID.