class pyrogram.raw.types.MessageService#

Indicates a service message.

Constructor of Message.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: 2B085862

  • id (int 32-bit) – Message ID.

  • peer_id (Peer) – Sender of service message.

  • date (int 32-bit) – Message date.

  • action (MessageAction) – Event connected with the service message.

  • out (bool, optional) – Whether the message is outgoing.

  • mentioned (bool, optional) – Whether we were mentioned in the message.

  • media_unread (bool, optional) – Whether the message contains unread media.

  • silent (bool, optional) – Whether the message is silent.

  • post (bool, optional) – Whether it’s a channel post.

  • legacy (bool, optional) – This is a legacy message: it has to be refetched with the new layer.

  • from_id (Peer, optional) – ID of the sender of this message.

  • reply_to (MessageReplyHeader, optional) – Reply (thread) information.

  • ttl_period (int 32-bit, optional) – Time To Live of the message, once === time(), the message will be deleted on the server, and must be deleted locally as well.