class pyrogram.raw.types.InputWebFileGeoPointLocation#

Used to download a server-generated image with the map preview from a geoPoint, see the webfile docs for more info.

Constructor of InputWebFileLocation.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: 9F2221C9

  • geo_point (InputGeoPoint) – Generated from the lat, long and accuracy_radius parameters of the geoPoint.

  • access_hash (int 64-bit) – Access hash of the geoPoint.

  • w (int 32-bit) – Map width in pixels before applying scale; 16-1024.

  • h (int 32-bit) – Map height in pixels before applying scale; 16-1024.

  • zoom (int 32-bit) – Map zoom level; 13-20.

  • scale (int 32-bit) – Map scale; 1-3.