class pyrogram.raw.types.InputBotInlineMessageMediaInvoice#

An invoice.

Constructor of InputBotInlineMessage.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: D7E78225

  • title (str) – Product name, 1-32 characters.

  • description (str) – Product description, 1-255 characters.

  • invoice (Invoice) – The invoice.

  • payload (bytes) – Bot-defined invoice payload, 1-128 bytes. This will not be displayed to the user, use for your internal processes.

  • provider (str) – Payments provider token, obtained via Botfather.

  • provider_data (DataJSON) – A JSON-serialized object for data about the invoice, which will be shared with the payment provider. A detailed description of the required fields should be provided by the payment provider.

  • photo (InputWebDocument, optional) – Invoice photo.

  • reply_markup (ReplyMarkup, optional) – Inline keyboard.