class pyrogram.raw.types.GroupCallParticipant#

Info about a group call participant.

Constructor of GroupCallParticipant.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: EBA636FE

  • peer (Peer) – Peer information.

  • date (int 32-bit) – When did this participant join the group call.

  • source (int 32-bit) – Source ID.

  • muted (bool, optional) – Whether the participant is muted.

  • left (bool, optional) – Whether the participant has left.

  • can_self_unmute (bool, optional) – Whether the participant can unmute themselves.

  • just_joined (bool, optional) – Whether the participant has just joined.

  • versioned (bool, optional) – If set, and updateGroupCallParticipants.version < locally stored call.version, info about this participant should be ignored. If (…), and updateGroupCallParticipants.version > call.version+1, the participant list should be refetched using phone.getGroupParticipants.

  • min (bool, optional) – If not set, the volume and muted_by_you fields can be safely used to overwrite locally cached information; otherwise, volume will contain valid information only if volume_by_admin is set both in the cache and in the received constructor.

  • muted_by_you (bool, optional) – Whether this participant was muted by the current user.

  • volume_by_admin (bool, optional) – Whether our volume can only changed by an admin.

  • is_self (bool, optional) – N/A

  • video_joined (bool, optional) – Whether this participant is currently broadcasting video.

  • active_date (int 32-bit, optional) – When was this participant last active in the group call.

  • volume (int 32-bit, optional) – Volume, if not set the volume is set to 100%.

  • about (str, optional) – Info about this participant.

  • raise_hand_rating (int 64-bit, optional) – Specifies the UI visualization order of peers with raised hands: peers with a higher rating should be showed first in the list.

  • video (GroupCallParticipantVideo, optional) – Info about the video stream the participant is currently broadcasting.

  • presentation (GroupCallParticipantVideo, optional) – Info about the screen sharing stream the participant is currently broadcasting.