class pyrogram.raw.types.DialogFilter#

Dialog filter AKA folder.

Constructor of DialogFilter.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: 7438F7E8

  • id (int 32-bit) – Folder ID.

  • title (str) – Folder name.

  • pinned_peers (List of InputPeer) – Pinned chats, folders can have unlimited pinned chats.

  • include_peers (List of InputPeer) – Include the following chats in this folder.

  • exclude_peers (List of InputPeer) – Exclude the following chats from this folder.

  • contacts (bool, optional) – Whether to include all contacts in this folder.

  • non_contacts (bool, optional) – Whether to include all non-contacts in this folder.

  • groups (bool, optional) – Whether to include all groups in this folder.

  • broadcasts (bool, optional) – Whether to include all channels in this folder.

  • bots (bool, optional) – Whether to include all bots in this folder.

  • exclude_muted (bool, optional) – Whether to exclude muted chats from this folder.

  • exclude_read (bool, optional) – Whether to exclude read chats from this folder.

  • exclude_archived (bool, optional) – Whether to exclude archived chats from this folder.

  • emoticon (str, optional) – Emoji to use as icon for the folder.


This object can be returned by 1 function.