class pyrogram.raw.types.DcOption#

Data center.

Constructor of DcOption.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: 18B7A10D

  • id (int 32-bit) – DC ID.

  • ip_address (str) – IP address of DC.

  • port (int 32-bit) – Port.

  • ipv6 (bool, optional) – Whether the specified IP is an IPv6 address.

  • media_only (bool, optional) – Whether this DC should only be used to download or upload files.

  • tcpo_only (bool, optional) – Whether this DC only supports connection with transport obfuscation.

  • cdn (bool, optional) – Whether this is a CDN DC.

  • static (bool, optional) – If set, this IP should be used when connecting through a proxy.

  • this_port_only (bool, optional) – If set, clients must connect using only the specified port, without trying any other port.

  • secret (bytes, optional) – If the tcpo_only flag is set, specifies the secret to use when connecting using transport obfuscation.