class pyrogram.raw.types.CodeSettings#

Settings used by telegram servers for sending the confirm code.

Constructor of CodeSettings.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: AD253D78

  • allow_flashcall (bool, optional) – Whether to allow phone verification via phone calls.

  • current_number (bool, optional) – Pass true if the phone number is used on the current device. Ignored if allow_flashcall is not set.

  • allow_app_hash (bool, optional) – If a token that will be included in eventually sent SMSs is required: required in newer versions of android, to use the android SMS receiver APIs.

  • allow_missed_call (bool, optional) – Whether this device supports receiving the code using the auth.codeTypeMissedCall method.

  • allow_firebase (bool, optional) – Whether Firebase auth is supported.

  • logout_tokens (List of bytes, optional) – Previously stored future auth tokens, see the documentation for more info.

  • token (str, optional) – Used only by official iOS apps for Firebase auth: device token for apple push.

  • app_sandbox (bool, optional) – Used only by official iOS apps for firebase auth: whether a sandbox-certificate will be used during transmission of the push notification.