class pyrogram.raw.types.ChatInvite#

Chat invite info.

Constructor of ChatInvite.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: 300C44C1

  • title (str) – Chat/supergroup/channel title.

  • photo (Photo) – Chat/supergroup/channel photo.

  • participants_count (int 32-bit) – Participant count.

  • channel (bool, optional) – Whether this is a channel/supergroup or a normal group.

  • broadcast (bool, optional) – Whether this is a channel.

  • public (bool, optional) – Whether this is a public channel/supergroup.

  • megagroup (bool, optional) – Whether this is a supergroup.

  • request_needed (bool, optional) – Whether the join request » must be first approved by an administrator.

  • about (str, optional) – Description of the group of channel.

  • participants (List of User, optional) – A few of the participants that are in the group.


This object can be returned by 1 function.


Check the validity of a chat invite link and get basic info about it.