class pyrogram.raw.types.Chat

Info about a group.

Constructor type of Chat.

  • Layer: 126

  • ID: 0x3bda1bde

  • id (int 32-bit) – ID of the group.

  • title (str) – Title.

  • photo (ChatPhoto) – Chat photo.

  • participants_count (int 32-bit) – Participant count.

  • date (int 32-bit) – Date of creation of the group.

  • version (int 32-bit) – Used in basic groups to reorder updates and make sure that all of them were received.

  • creator (bool, optional) – Whether the current user is the creator of the group.

  • kicked (bool, optional) – Whether the current user was kicked from the group.

  • left (bool, optional) – Whether the current user has left the group.

  • deactivated (bool, optional) – Whether the group was migrated.

  • call_active (bool, optional) – Telegram API parameter.

  • call_not_empty (bool, optional) – Telegram API parameter.

  • migrated_to (InputChannel, optional) – Means this chat was upgraded to a supergroup.

  • admin_rights (ChatAdminRights, optional) – Admin rights of the user in the group.

  • default_banned_rights (ChatBannedRights, optional) – Default banned rights of all users in the group.