class pyrogram.raw.types.ChannelAdminLogEventsFilter#

Filter only certain admin log events.

Constructor of ChannelAdminLogEventsFilter.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: EA107AE4

  • join (bool, optional) – Join events, including joins using invite links and join requests.

  • leave (bool, optional) – Leave events.

  • invite (bool, optional) – Invite events.

  • ban (bool, optional) – Ban events.

  • unban (bool, optional) – Unban events.

  • kick (bool, optional) – Kick events.

  • unkick (bool, optional) – Unkick events.

  • promote (bool, optional) – Admin promotion events.

  • demote (bool, optional) – Admin demotion events.

  • info (bool, optional) – Info change events (when about, linked chat, location, photo, stickerset, title or username, slowmode, history TTL settings of a channel gets modified).

  • settings (bool, optional) – Settings change events (invites, hidden prehistory, signatures, default banned rights, forum toggle events).

  • pinned (bool, optional) – Message pin events.

  • edit (bool, optional) – Message edit events.

  • delete (bool, optional) – Message deletion events.

  • group_call (bool, optional) – Group call events.

  • invites (bool, optional) – Invite events.

  • send (bool, optional) – A message was posted in a channel.

  • forums (bool, optional) – Forum-related events.