class pyrogram.raw.types.BotApp#

Contains information about a direct link Mini App.

Constructor of BotApp.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: 95FCD1D6

  • id (int 64-bit) – bot mini app ID.

  • access_hash (int 64-bit) – bot mini app access hash.

  • short_name (str) – bot mini app short name, used to generate Direct Mini App deep links.

  • title (str) – bot mini app title.

  • description (str) – bot mini app description.

  • photo (Photo) – bot mini app photo.

  • hash (int 64-bit) – Hash to pass to messages.getBotApp, to avoid refetching bot app info if it hasn’t changed.

  • document (Document, optional) – bot mini app animation.