class pyrogram.raw.types.AutoDownloadSettings#

Autodownload settings.

Constructor of AutoDownloadSettings.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: 8EFAB953

  • photo_size_max (int 32-bit) – Maximum size of photos to preload.

  • video_size_max (int 64-bit) – Maximum size of videos to preload.

  • file_size_max (int 64-bit) – Maximum size of other files to preload.

  • video_upload_maxbitrate (int 32-bit) – Maximum suggested bitrate for uploading videos.

  • disabled (bool, optional) – Disable automatic media downloads?.

  • video_preload_large (bool, optional) – Whether to preload the first seconds of videos larger than the specified limit.

  • audio_preload_next (bool, optional) – Whether to preload the next audio track when you’re listening to music.

  • phonecalls_less_data (bool, optional) – Whether to enable data saving mode in phone calls.