class pyrogram.raw.types.AttachMenuBot#

Represents a bot mini app that can be launched from the attachment/side menu.

Constructor of AttachMenuBot.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: C8AA2CD2

  • bot_id (int 64-bit) – Bot ID.

  • short_name (str) – Attachment menu item name.

  • peer_types (List of AttachMenuPeerType) – List of dialog types where this attachment menu entry should be shown.

  • icons (List of AttachMenuBotIcon) – List of platform-specific static icons and animations to use for the attachment menu button.

  • inactive (bool, optional) – If set, before launching the mini app the client should ask the user to add the mini app to the attachment/side menu, and only if the user accepts, after invoking messages.toggleBotInAttachMenu the app should be opened.

  • has_settings (bool, optional) – Deprecated flag, can be ignored.

  • request_write_access (bool, optional) – Whether the bot would like to send messages to the user.