class pyrogram.raw.types.account.Password

Configuration for two-factor authorization.

Constructor of Password.

  • Layer: 136

  • ID: 0x185b184f

  • new_algo (PasswordKdfAlgo) – The KDF algorithm for SRP two-factor authentication to use when creating new passwords.

  • new_secure_algo (SecurePasswordKdfAlgo) – The KDF algorithm for telegram passport.

  • secure_random (bytes) – Secure random string.

  • has_recovery (bool, optional) – Whether the user has a recovery method configured.

  • has_secure_values (bool, optional) – Whether telegram passport is enabled.

  • has_password (bool, optional) – Whether the user has a password.

  • current_algo (PasswordKdfAlgo, optional) – The KDF algorithm for SRP two-factor authentication of the current password.

  • srp_B (bytes, optional) – Srp B param for SRP authorization.

  • srp_id (int 64-bit, optional) – Srp ID param for SRP authorization.

  • hint (str, optional) – Text hint for the password.

  • email_unconfirmed_pattern (str, optional) – A password recovery email with the specified pattern is still awaiting verification.

  • pending_reset_date (int 32-bit, optional) – The 2FA password will be automatically removed at this date, unless the user cancels the operation.


This object can be returned by 1 function.


Obtain configuration for two-factor authorization with password.