class pyrogram.raw.functions.stats.GetMessagePublicForwards

Obtains a list of messages, indicating to which other public channels was a channel message forwarded. Will return a list of messages with peer_id equal to the public channel to which this message was forwarded.

  • Layer: 122

  • ID: 0x5630281b

channel (InputChannel):

Source channel.

msg_id (int 32-bit):

Source message ID.

offset_rate (int 32-bit):

Initially 0, then set to the next_rate parameter of messages.messagesSlice.

offset_peer (InputPeer):

Offsets for pagination.

offset_id (int 32-bit):

Offsets for pagination.

limit (int 32-bit):

Maximum number of results to return, see pagination.


messages.Messages – Object contains infor on list of messages with auxiliary data.