Updates current user profile photo.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: 388A3B5

  • fallback (bool, optional) – If set, the chosen profile photo will be shown to users that can’t display your main profile photo due to your privacy settings.

  • bot (InputUser, optional) – Can contain info of a bot we own, to change the profile photo of that bot, instead of the current user.

  • file (InputFile, optional) – Profile photo.

  • video (InputFile, optional) – Animated profile picture video.

  • video_start_ts (float 64-bit, optional) – Floating point UNIX timestamp in seconds, indicating the frame of the video/sticker that should be used as static preview; can only be used if video or video_emoji_markup is set.

  • video_emoji_markup (VideoSize, optional) – Animated sticker profile picture, must contain either a videoSizeEmojiMarkup or a videoSizeStickerMarkup constructor.