class pyrogram.raw.functions.messages.SendMultiMedia

Send an album or grouped media.

  • Layer: 126

  • ID: 0xcc0110cb

  • peer (InputPeer) – The destination chat.

  • multi_media (List of InputSingleMedia) – The medias to send.

  • silent (bool, optional) – Whether to send the album silently (no notification triggered).

  • background (bool, optional) – Send in background?.

  • clear_draft (bool, optional) – Whether to clear drafts.

  • reply_to_msg_id (int 32-bit, optional) – The message to reply to.

  • schedule_date (int 32-bit, optional) – Scheduled message date for scheduled messages.


Updates – Object which is perceived by the client without a call on its part when an event occurs.