class pyrogram.raw.functions.InitConnection#

Initialize connection.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: C1CD5EA9

  • api_id (int 32-bit) – Application identifier (see. App configuration).

  • device_model (str) – Device model.

  • system_version (str) – Operation system version.

  • app_version (str) – Application version.

  • system_lang_code (str) – Code for the language used on the device’s OS, ISO 639-1 standard.

  • lang_pack (str) – Language pack to use.

  • lang_code (str) – Code for the language used on the client, ISO 639-1 standard.

  • query (Any function from functions) – The query itself.

  • proxy (InputClientProxy, optional) – Info about an MTProto proxy.

  • params (JSONValue, optional) – Additional initConnection parameters. For now, only the tz_offset field is supported, for specifying timezone offset in seconds.


Any object from types