class pyrogram.raw.functions.contacts.GetTopPeers

Get most used peers.

  • Layer: 126

  • ID: 0xd4982db5

  • offset (int 32-bit) – Offset for pagination.

  • limit (int 32-bit) – Maximum number of results to return, see pagination.

  • hash (int 32-bit) – Hash for pagination, for more info click here.

  • correspondents (bool, optional) – Users we’ve chatted most frequently with.

  • bots_pm (bool, optional) – Most used bots.

  • bots_inline (bool, optional) – Most used inline bots.

  • phone_calls (bool, optional) – Most frequently called users.

  • forward_users (bool, optional) – Users to which the users often forwards messages to.

  • forward_chats (bool, optional) – Chats to which the users often forwards messages to.

  • groups (bool, optional) – Often-opened groups and supergroups.

  • channels (bool, optional) – Most frequently visited channels.


contacts.TopPeers – Top peers.