class pyrogram.raw.functions.channels.GetAdminedPublicChannels

Get channels/supergroups/geogroups we’re admin in. Usually called when the user exceeds the limit for owned public channels/supergroups/geogroups, and the user is given the choice to remove one of his channels/supergroups/geogroups.

  • Layer: 126

  • ID: 0xf8b036af

  • by_location (bool, optional) – Get geogroups.

  • check_limit (bool, optional) – If set and the user has reached the limit of owned public channels/supergroups/geogroups, instead of returning the channel list one of the specified errors will be returned.Useful to check if a new public channel can indeed be created, even before asking the user to enter a channel username to use in channels.checkUsername/channels.updateUsername.


messages.Chats – Object contains list of chats with auxiliary data.