class pyrogram.raw.functions.channels.CreateChannel#

Create a supergroup/channel.

  • Layer: 158

  • ID: 91006707

  • title (str) – Channel title.

  • about (str) – Channel description.

  • broadcast (bool, optional) – Whether to create a channel.

  • megagroup (bool, optional) – Whether to create a supergroup.

  • for_import (bool, optional) – Whether the supergroup is being created to import messages from a foreign chat service using messages.initHistoryImport.

  • forum (bool, optional) – Whether to create a forum.

  • geo_point (InputGeoPoint, optional) – Geogroup location.

  • address (str, optional) – Geogroup address.

  • ttl_period (int 32-bit, optional) – Time-to-live of all messages that will be sent in the supergroup: once === time(), the message will be deleted on the server, and must be deleted locally as well. You can use messages.setDefaultHistoryTTL to edit this value later.