Pyrogram v0.9.0#

Plugins, User Status (Last Seen date) and more#

What’s New#

  • A smart and lightweight Plugin System to seamlessly write and share pluggable Pyrogram components with minimal boilerplate code.

  • User.status field, UserStatus type and UserStatusHandler handler (with its own on_user_status decorator) for handling user status updates that arrive each time your contacts go online or offline.

  • User.restriction_reason and Chat.restriction_reason fields used to store the restriction reason of Bots, Supergroups and Channels.

  • Examples are now dedicated to the public domain under the CC0 1.0 Universal license and have also been updated using new methods and features.

  • set_user_profile_photo method for uploading new user profile photos.

  • You can now specify more than one prefix in Filters.command by passing a list of them.

  • It is now possible to use those “special” IPv4 proxies that only allow IPv6 connections to Telegram:

    Pyrogram     Proxy        Telegram
    [IPv4] <---> [IPv4]  -X-  [IPv4]
    [IPv6]  -X-  [IPv6] <---> [IPv6]

    Bug Fixes

  • Fixed handler groups that broke in case one of the registered handler raised an unhandled exception. Now, only the single handler will stop and Pyrogram will continue with the next handlers.

  • Fixed an annoying CHANNEL_PRIVATE error that flooded the console (not really a bug).

  • Fixed bots that weren’t able to get other bot’s messages in case of users mentioning them in groups.

  • Lots of other bug fixes and minor improvements to both code and documentation.

Breaking Changes#

  • For consistency with other method names delete_profile_photos has been renamed to delete_user_profile_photos.

  • The keyword for installing TgCrypto as extra dependency when installing Pyrogram is now fast: pip3 install -U pyrogram[fast].