Pyrogram v0.7.5#

Further expanding Pyrogram’s API#

What’s New#

  • Telegram API scheme has been updated to Layer 81.

  • Pyrogram will now display Telegram’s terms of service when you sign-in (only if not previously accepted) and will automatically accept them as soon as you successfully authorize yourself.

  • The new DeletedMessagesHandler allows you to listen for deleted messages on private chats, groups and channels (contributed by @vitalibr in #91).

  • Use the new DisconnectHandler to register a function that will be called in case of disconnections.

  • The new request_callback_answer() method lets you get the answer of a callback query (this is more widely known as clicking an inline button on a bot message).

  • The Message type receives four new convenience bound methods: reply(), forward(), delete() and click(). You can use them as shortcut methods instead of send_message(), forward_messages(), delete_messages() and request_callback_answer().

  • Filters.command() can now accept both empty and multi-character prefixes. It’s now also possible to make case-sensitive commands with case_sensitive=True.

  • Two new filters: Filters.reply_keyboard and Filters.inline_keyboard to filter basic and inline keyboards respectively.

  • Use the new run() method to automatically start and idle a client. This is a simple convenience method, for more control over your Clients you can still use start(), idle() and stop().

  • Four new methods for chat administration have been added: kick_chat_member(), unban_chat_member(), restrict_chat_member, promote_chat_member().

  • You can now customize your Clients by setting app_version, device_model, system_version and lang_code for a finer grained control over what you want to be displayed in your session detailed info and what language you want Telegram to speak you in.

  • The phone_code_callback function must now accept a single positional argument (phone_number).

Notable Bug Fixes#

  • 2944181b388aa687cf7af7083c888e574fafb248 Fixes an issue where the newly created session used for uploading was never used (contributed by @YoilyL in #85).

  • 5b300ef83cdbd5cc088abe694d46dc33b4d0189e Fixes a rare bug where GIFs weren’t handled because of missing dimension attributes.

  • 28310cb0a74b5dc13c7e05a8bfea6bff62475033 Fixes GIFs not being recognized when using