Pyrogram v0.7.2#

Keyboards and Callback Queries#

New Features#

  • Send normal and inline keyboards by using the new reply_markup parameter available for every send_* method (only applicable to bots, users can’t send keyboards).

  • The new CallbackQueryHandler allows you to handle callback queries (only applicable to bots, users can’t receive callback queries). The on_callback_query() decorator is also available.


  • The workdir parameter of the Client class lets you specify a custom working directory for you session files.

  • Enable the debug mode by passing debug=True to the start() method.

  • Access all matches of your Filters.regex pattern using message.matches.

  • Specify custom prefixes and separators for Filters.command and access the arguments via messages.command.

  • New outgoing field and filter to easily tell incoming and outgoing messages apart.

  • The new get_users() method allows to fetch basic information about a User.

  • edit_message_reply_markup() lets you edit only the reply markup of a bot message.

  • You can now pass extra arguments to your progress callback function by using progress_args available for every send_* methods (media upload only). This is useful, for example, if you want to pass a chat_id and a message_id in order to edit a message with the updated progress.

  • New remove_handler() method used to remove a previously registered handler. add_handler() can also return a tuple of (handler, group) which can be stored and directly passed to remove_handler(). Thanks @JosXa!

  • Answer callback_queries with answer_callback_query().


  • The revamped get_user_profile_photos() method now returns the new UserProfilePhotos object.

  • Is now possible to pass chat actions as string, like “typing”, “upload_video”, …

  • Forwarding, deleting and getting messages has become easier; you can pass a single message id or a list of such, as well as an iterator or a generator to the message_ids parameter.

  • Base types, such as int and str are now hinted on every raw function and type parameter.

  • send_message() is now returning the correct Message object.