Pyrogram v0.6.3#

Bot API style IDs#

Notable Changes#

  • New get_messages method to get messages that belong to a specific chat.

  • New download_photo method to download a photo not contained inside a Message.

  • Pyrogram can now fully understand all the Bot API style IDs. (+user_id, -chat_id, -100channel_id).

  • The new thumb parameter added to send_video lets you override the video thumbnail. Thanks to @23rd.

  • Added the progress parameter for tracking the upload progress to every method that uploads a media, such as send_audio, send_video, send_document, etc.

  • Added the welcome_bot to the Examples folder.

  • Ditched the deprecated req_pq in favor of the new req_pq_multi function used when generating new auth keys. More public keys are added as well.

  • Some minor fixes and improvements.