Pyrogram v0.6.0#

Update handler overhaul and more#

Notable Changes#

  • New send_media_group method for sending Albums (photos and videos).

  • New InputMedia class to be used with send_media_group.

  • New Emoji module to easily send over 7800 emojis in your text messages.

  • Better Updates handler: more powerful and simpler to work with.

  • Support for streamable Videos with the new parameter supports_streaming.

  • Patch Layer 75 with new and updated constructors.

  • New resolve_peer method useful when dealing with Raw Functions.

  • Some more new entries in the RPCErrors list.

  • Many bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Breaking Changes#

  • The update handler callback function parameters have changed, it now accepts (client, update, users, chats) as positional arguments.

  • UpdateShortMessage and UpdateShortChatMessage are replaced with a single UpdateNewMessage; the to_id field is now used to tell Private Messages (PeerUser) and Basic Groups (PeerChat) apart.

  • The parameter used for replying to messages in send_message was erroneously called reply_to_msg_id; it is now reply_to_message_id as every other methods.