Quick Start

The next few steps serve as a quick start to see Pyrogram in action as fast as possible.

Get Pyrogram Real Fast

Cloud Credits

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  1. Install Pyrogram with pip3 install -U pyrogram.

  2. Get your own Telegram API key from https://my.telegram.org/apps.

  3. Open the text editor of your choice and paste the following:

    import asyncio
    from pyrogram import Client
    api_id = 12345
    api_hash = "0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef"
    async def main():
        async with Client("my_account", api_id, api_hash) as app:
            await app.send_message("me", "Greetings from **Pyrogram**!")
  4. Replace api_id and api_hash values with your own.

  5. Save the file as hello.py.

  6. Run the script with python3 hello.py

  7. Follow the instructions on your terminal to login.

  8. Watch Pyrogram send a message to yourself.

Enjoy the API

That was just a quick overview. In the next few pages of the introduction, we’ll take a much more in-depth look of what we have just done above.

If you are feeling eager to continue you can take a shortcut to Calling Methods and come back later to learn some more details.