Install Guide

Being a modern Python library, Pyrogram requires Python 3.6+ to be installed in your system. We recommend using the latest versions of both Python 3 and pip.


Pyrogram supports Python 3 only, starting from version 3.6. PyPy is supported too.

Install Pyrogram

  • The easiest way to install and upgrade Pyrogram to its latest stable version is by using pip:

    $ pip3 install -U pyrogram
  • or, with TgCrypto as extra requirement (recommended):

    $ pip3 install -U pyrogram tgcrypto

Bleeding Edge

Pyrogram is always evolving, although new releases on PyPI are published only when enough changes are added, but this doesn’t mean you can’t try new features right now!

In case you’d like to try out the latest Pyrogram features, the GitHub repo is always kept updated with new changes; you can install the development version straight from the master branch using this command (note “” in the link):

$ pip3 install -U


To verify that Pyrogram is correctly installed, open a Python shell and import it. If no error shows up you are good to go.

>>> import pyrogram
>>> pyrogram.__version__