Send phone contacts.

  • chat_id (int | str) – Unique identifier (int) or username (str) of the target chat. For your personal cloud (Saved Messages) you can simply use “me” or “self”. For a contact that exists in your Telegram address book you can use his phone number (str).

  • phone_number (str) – Contact’s phone number.

  • first_name (str) – Contact’s first name.

  • last_name (str, optional) – Contact’s last name.

  • vcard (str, optional) – Additional data about the contact in the form of a vCard, 0-2048 bytes

  • disable_notification (bool, optional) – Sends the message silently. Users will receive a notification with no sound.

  • reply_to_message_id (int, optional) – If the message is a reply, ID of the original message.

  • schedule_date (int, optional) – Date when the message will be automatically sent. Unix time.

  • reply_markup (InlineKeyboardMarkup | ReplyKeyboardMarkup | ReplyKeyboardRemove | ForceReply, optional) – Additional interface options. An object for an inline keyboard, custom reply keyboard, instructions to remove reply keyboard or to force a reply from the user.


Message – On success, the sent contact message is returned.


app.send_contact("me", "+39 123 456 7890", "Dan")