Invoke raw Telegram functions.

This method makes it possible to manually call every single Telegram API method in a low-level manner. Available functions are listed in the functions package and may accept compound data types from types as well as bare types such as int, str, etc…


This is a utility method intended to be used only when working with raw functions (i.e: a Telegram API method you wish to use which is not available yet in the Client class as an easy-to-use method).

Usable by Users Bots
  • query (RawFunction) – The API Schema function filled with proper arguments.

  • retries (int) – Number of retries.

  • timeout (float) – Timeout in seconds.

  • sleep_threshold (float) – Sleep threshold in seconds.


RawType – The raw type response generated by the query.


RPCError – In case of a Telegram RPC error.