class pyrogram.enums.ChatEventAction#

Chat event action enumeration used in get_chat_event_log().

DESCRIPTION_CHANGED = 'description_changed'#

The chat description has been changed (see old_description and new_description)

HISTORY_TTL_CHANGED = 'history_ttl_changed'#

The history time-to-live has been changed (see old_history_ttl and new_history_ttl)

LINKED_CHAT_CHANGED = 'linked_chat_changed'#

The linked chat has been changed (see old_linked_chat and new_linked_chat)

PHOTO_CHANGED = 'photo_changed'#

The chat photo has been changed (see old_photo and new_photo)

TITLE_CHANGED = 'title_changed'#

the chat title has been changed (see old_title and new_title)

USERNAME_CHANGED = 'username_changed'#

the chat username has been changed (see old_username and new_username)

CHAT_PERMISSIONS_CHANGED = 'chat_permissions_changed'#

the default chat permissions has been changed (see old_chat_permissions and new_chat_permissions)

MESSAGE_DELETED = 'message_deleted'#

a message has been deleted (see deleted_message)

MESSAGE_EDITED = 'message_edited'#

a message has been edited (see old_message and new_message)

An invite link has been edited (see old_invite_link and new_invite link)

An invite link has been revoked (see revoked_invite_link)

An invite link has been deleted (see deleted_invite_link)

MEMBER_INVITED = 'member_invited'#

a member has been invited by someone (see invited_member)

MEMBER_JOINED = 'member_joined'#

a member joined by themselves. (see user)

MEMBER_LEFT = 'member_left'#

a member left by themselves. (see user)

ADMINISTRATOR_PRIVILEGES_CHANGED = 'administrator_privileges_changed'#

a chat member has been promoted/demoted or their administrator privileges has changed (see old_administrator_privileges and new_administrator_privileges)

MEMBER_PERMISSIONS_CHANGED = 'member_permissions_changed'#

a chat member has been restricted/unrestricted or banned/unbanned, or their permissions has changed (see old_member_permissions and new_member_permissions)

POLL_STOPPED = 'poll_stopped'#

a poll has been stopped (see stopped_poll)

INVITES_ENABLED = 'invites_enabled'#

the chat invitation has been enabled or disabled (see invites_enabled)

HISTORY_HIDDEN = 'history_hidden'#

the chat history has been hidden or unhidden (see history_hidden)

SIGNATURES_ENABLED = 'signatures_enabled'#

the message signatures have been enabled or disabled (see signatures_enabled)

SLOW_MODE_CHANGED = 'slow_mode_changed'#

the slow mode has been changes (see old_slow_mode and new_slow_mode)

MESSAGE_PINNED = 'message_pinned'#

a message has been pinned (see pinned_message)

MESSAGE_UNPINNED = 'message_unpinned'#

a message has been unpinned (see unpinned_message)

UNKNOWN = 'unknown'#

Unknown chat event action