Bots Interaction

Users can interact with other bots via plain text messages as well as inline queries.


Inline Bots

  • If a bot accepts inline queries, you can call it by using get_inline_bot_results() to get the list of its inline results for a query:

    # Get bot results for "Fuzz Universe" from the inline bot @vid
    bot_results = app.get_inline_bot_results("vid", "Fuzz Universe")

    get_inline_bot_results() is the equivalent action of writing @vid Fuzz Universe and getting the results list.

  • After you retrieved the bot results, you can use send_inline_bot_result() to send a chosen result to any chat:

    # Send the first result to your own chat

    send_inline_bot_result() is the equivalent action of choosing a result from the list and sending it to a chat.