Pyrogram Glossary

This page contains a list of common words with brief explanations related to Pyrogram and, to some extent, Telegram in general. Some words may as well link to dedicated articles in case the topic is covered in a more detailed fashion.


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Application Programming Interface: a set of methods, protocols and tools that make it easier to develop programs by providing useful building blocks to the developer.

API key

A secret code used to authenticate and/or authorize a specific application to Telegram in order for it to control how the API is being used, for example, to prevent abuses of the API. More on API keys.


The Telegram Bot API that is able to only connect normal bots only to Telegram using HTTP as application layer protocol and allows to execute a sub-set of the main Telegram API. More on Bot API.


Also known as callback function, is a user-defined generic function that can be registered to and then called-back by the framework when specific events occurs.


Also known as data center, is a place where lots of computer systems are housed and used together in order to achieve high quality and availability for services.


Also known as function decorator, in Python, is a callable object that is used to modify another function. Decorators in Pyrogram are used to automatically register callback functions for handling updates. More on Decorators.


An object that wraps around a callback function that is actually meant to be registered into the framework, which will then be able to handle a specific kind of events, such as a new incoming message, for example. More on Handlers.


The name of the custom-made, open and encrypted protocol by Telegram, implemented in Pyrogram. More on MTProto.


The Telegram main API Pyrogram makes use of, which is able to connect both users and normal bots to Telegram using MTProto as application layer protocol and execute any method Telegram provides from its public TL-schema. More on MTProto API.


A developer that uses Pyrogram to build Telegram applications.


Acronym for Remote Procedure Call, that is, a function which gets executed at some remote place (i.e. Telegram server) and not in your local machine.


An error caused by an RPC which must be returned in place of the successful result in order to let the caller know something went wrong. More on RPCError.


Also known as login session, is a strictly personal piece of data created and held by both parties (client and server) which is used to grant permission into a single account without having to start a new authorization process from scratch.


Also known as user bot or ubot for short, is a user logged in by third-party Telegram libraries — such as Pyrogram — to automate some behaviours, like sending messages or reacting to text commands or any other event. Not to be confused with bot, that is, a normal Telegram bot created by @BotFather.